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Production Panels

We hand-make vehicle body panels in aluminium and steel for popular British classic cars such as the Austin Healey range.

Using modern tools and design practices, we can manufacture body panels to the original spec.

Body panels   Body panels   Body panels
Aluminium Ausitn Healey front wing
Complete Austin Healey chassis

Chassis Build

Manufacturer of Austin Healey chassis and sold by A H Spares Ltd for the classic British Austin Healey range.

  • Austin Healey BN1 - BN2: IBP405
  • Austin Healey BN4 - Early BJ8: IBP410
  • Austin Healey Late BJ8: IBP415

Complete Inner Body Substructure

Our most recent project was to build a complete Austin Healey inner body assembly sub-structure onto a chassis.

Complete Austin Healey inner body sub structure
Complete Austin Healey body assembly

Complete Body Assembly

Our latest project is a complete vehicle body assembly built on the chassis and inner body substructure.

Prototype & Low Volume Pressings

Pressings from single sheets of aluminium or steel are made using a hydraulic press with over 200 tonnes of pressure to form the shape from a template.

English Wheel
Brass rolling machine

Rolling Forming & Shaping

Using the Roll Forming process we are able to manufacture windscreen surrounds for the E-Type Jaguar, wing beading, finishing strips in Brass, Copper & Stainless.

Production Runs

We process and manufacture recurring orders for aluminium and steel products, including reproduction Austin Healey petrol tanks, cold air boxes and much more!

Aluminium Austin Healey petrol tanks.

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